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Pumpkin & red lentil soup

In the mountains this weekend the air was pristine and crisp, the temperature mild, even in the sun, and the leaves have begun change; autumn is on it’s way and thoughts go to warming, earthy foods, and pumpkin soup is at the top of the list! This is a classic stand-by soup.  The fresh vegetables are ones that can last for weeks (if not months) if stored correctly and the […]

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Wake up your metabolism

Your metabolism is the rate at which you body works, performing its usual functions of digestion, repairing, making hormones and chemicals etc.  A fast metabolism means you burn energy (calories) more rapidly.  A slow metabolism means you burn calories much more slowly, so might find it hard to lose weight even when you are eating well and getting some exercise!    So, how do you boost your metabolism?  Try these tips! […]

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