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What is in your pantry?

  You may not have skeletons in your closet, but do you have monsters in your pantry? Imagine this scenario. You are busy, lots to do, you’re not a foodie (in fact, you find food kind of boring and you just don’t get the whole celebrity chef weirdness) but you want to feel great; full-of-beans your Gran would say.  When you are younger you might be able to get away with […]

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Eating for Joy

We all readily accept that what we eat and drink affects our bodies; it affects our weight, our cardiovascular system, digestion and more. But our diet has just as much impact on our minds and on how we feel and think. Some foods and drinks make us feel alive and energised, clear-headed and alert. Other foods make us feel foggy-headed, affect our ability to concentrate and seem to make us feel […]

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Stress is so last century!

This is an essential workshop for women that helps develop the skills to build resilience and regain a sense of control and joy. This workshop is based on workshops we have facilitated for over 600 health professionals, people with cancer, business people, community workers and more. Join us and move on from being stressed out and exhausted. “This was a fantastic workshop; unique in its format. I gained some strategies […]

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