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Vintage birth control

Are you at risk of heart disease?

Heart disease is one aspect of Cardiovascular disease (CVD) which includes all diseases and conditions of the heart and blood vessels.  The most common types of CVD in Australia are: coronary heart disease (infarct or heart attack where the blood vessel supplying blood and oxygen to the heart becomes blocked with plaque, and angina) stroke  (blood and oxygen are not able to get to the brain because a blood vessel in […]

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Healthy sperm

What do you mean by “healthy sperm”? “Healthy sperm” is really a bit of a short-cut way of saying a male’s reproductive function is in good order and they are fertile.  So while we only mention sperm, in effect, this means they are able to have and maintain an erection and are able to ejaculate, that their semen is normal and that their sperm are good.  If the semen is […]

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