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New Year’s

The beginning of the year always brings a flurry of self-improvement programs – lose 12 kilos by Easter, get fit once-and-for-all, de-clutter your life and so on, and another flurry of competing headlines – resolutions are rubbish, diets don’t work (which is kinda true), you’re ace as you are etc.  But somewhere in there is a middle path. This time of the year is unique in that there is often […]

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Energy, life demands and losing your mind

You know how it goes; you are well rested, going for a walk most evenings, eating well and getting pretty good sleep, then something significant happens, something stressful, but you simply ‘manage it’.  No drama, no anxiety or fear that it is beyond your capabilities.  And yet other times someone asks you for 10 minutes of your  time and you suspect you might at that very moment lose your mind […]

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