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The lost art of sleeping

To sleep, perchance to dream. William Shakespeare We all know that we need good quality sleep to live a creative, healthy, happy and productive life, but sleep can sometimes be evasive, especially it seems when we most seek it.  Following are some tips to help you enjoy a restful and restorative sleep. What’s happening? First thing to do is try to identify why you are not sleeping well, maybe start a sleep […]

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I’ve moved and other changes

I have a sparkly, new clinic space.   Over the past week I have moved my practice from Lemongrove Road Penrith to: Shop 2, Station Street Arcade 6 Station  Street Blaxland NSW 2774 My phone number is still 0408 761 000 and my email will stay at until I get the new website and email happening. In other changes, I will be launching my new business name and a new […]

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What to pack for hospital when having a baby

The list is completely flexible but here are some ideas.  You may want to have a smaller bag packed with essentials and other items set aside at home so your partner or family can bring it in if needed. And if you take nothing because things happen slightly differently to planned, then that is ok, the hospital will have what you need until the rest can be brought in to […]

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