whimsy and words

New Year’s

The beginning of the year always brings a flurry of self-improvement programs – lose 12 kilos by Easter, get fit once-and-for-all, de-clutter your life and so on, and another flurry of competing headlines – resolutions are rubbish, diets don’t work (which is kinda true), you’re ace as you are etc.  But somewhere in there is a middle path. This time of the year is unique in that there is often […]

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Word folly

I started to draft a couple of posts about reproductive health conditions and I was not sure about the language as I tend to use the ‘real’ names for body parts and conditions, so thought I would put together a bit of an informal glossary…turns out this was more interesting than I thought it would be!  I started with a simple one; ‘uterus’. Uterus: female reproductive organ, site for embryo development, the most common plain […]

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